Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tradezone numero cuatro

I didn't do that great this race. I went into it with a specific plan and got caught up in all the hooplah. I ended up racing outside of my comfort zone and that sucked. I feel like I'm kind of forced to do that when minimal teammates show up to ride. I really wish more of my teammates would've come out to these training races. So far the only people who have shown up are people I've never really ridden with before and I say that literally. I mean I look on bikereg and see that some of them are registered for races and that's great, but I feel like these training races (especially when the weather is great), are just as important because that's when we learn what each other can do. Racing is fun, but it would be a lot more fun with teammates.
ABRT, Bike Doctor, WWVC and a couple other guys were in attack mode firing on all cylinders, and that was cool. Definitely makes the race a lot more interesting. Next week I plan on sticking to my plan, which is super top secret.

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  1. Having team mates makes a difference. I am realizing that now that I am racing on a team with more guys in my races. Most of the guys on my last team were masters racers/ different cat, so I raced a lot buy myself. I have only done a couple of races on a bigger team this year, so I am having to learn to race differently.