Saturday, April 18, 2009

Syn-Fit Crit Cat 4 Race

Gorgeous weather today! The most efficient race check-in ever. It was like a commercial for Apple. "Need to check-in hundreds of bike racers at an office park an app for that." "Need to shrink a line of 20+ folks for the port-a-johns...No app for that." I still think the EVO people did a great job today and I very much appreciative for the race they put on.

I felt pretty good in the race today. My goal was to not really do too much work. I didn't have one of the biggest or strongest teams there so there was no point in me sticking my nose out into the wind for no good reason. I felt like the wind really was the equalizer in this race. It didn't look like it was as bad as it was until you put yourself in it. Throughout the race several guys tried to get away, but nothing ever remotely stuck. I wonder why that is. People make comments that we're Cat 4's so breaks almost never stick but is that really the case or is it simply a matter of fitness? Anyway, nothing stuck which was very good for me because I always want the races to come down to a field sprint...and it did, so I'll skip ahead to the last lap.

I saw Bike Rack start to form up their train as we came through the first turn onto that backstretch and I figured that they would be fresh because they didn't put too many people off the front today, and I knew especially since I hadn't seen Sam most of the race he was in the back staying fresh. I also saw more NCVC guys coming up to the front and I knew to watch them as well because they had people everywhere in the race and were looking pretty strong. Now I have a different strategy than most during the last lap. I like to fall back a little bit because it helps me see easier what's going on so I can better make predictions about which line to take or whose wheel looks good to follow for the sprint, and with Bike Rack guys coming up on the outside and some NCVC guys coming up this was easy to do.

As we started to approach the last turn, Bike Rack had at least a train of 3 guys at the front, but to me it seemed like they were starting to slow down. I started to yell that they should keep up the tempo so we didn't end up getting swarmed coming into the last turn making it harder to sprint. Essentially I was telling them what they needed to do to give me a good leadout, wink! wink! Coming through the last turn I was sitting 4th wheel. I told myself during my warm up that as soon as I got my bike upright after the turn, no matter what place I was in I was gonna start my sprint and that's exactly what I did going past the 3 people in front of me for the win. I made 60 bucks which more than covered my entry fee and the cheesestake I bought with some of the money on the way home.

Carl Dolan tomorrow, two races 3/4 and 4/5. See you all out there.


  1. I was right behind you - hell of a good kick, kudos.

  2. Oh, and my girlfriend got some pictures of the finish... email me.

  3. "People make comments that we're Cat 4's so breaks almost never stick but is that really the case or is it simply a matter of fitness?"

    Fitness. How many 4's out there that can motor at 26 mph for half an hour on their own? Same goes for the 3's.

    Congrats on the win!

  4. Always nice to decide beforehand on a strategy or commitment and to see it come to fruition..good job. Not bad on the Bike Rack guys either with second and third also ...yes?

  5. you are going too fast! license and registration?

  6. SynFit 4 vid: