Thursday, May 28, 2009

Greenbelt, Flats and Inflation

I've only ever flatted 3 times while riding. The first was on the very first time I've ever decided to ride to work. While on Rock Creek Parkway, heading to Beach Dr. at about 4:30 in the morning I hit one of those grates and flatted my rear tire. I had recently just ditched my frame pump and started carrying CO2. Unfortunately, I had never used or knew how to use the CO2. I wasted half the cartridge trying to figure out how to use it. Eventually I was able to get about 45 psi in the tire, which was enough to get me to work and to a bike shop later in the day.

The second time I flatted was my first double flat. I was on the way home after the Goon ride on Tuesday. Heading down Connecticut Ave. I hit a pothole right at Chevy Chase Circle. Of course I was only carrying one tube, but at least two CO2 cartridges. I fixed the front tire because I figured that would give me the most control and then patched the back with duct tape. I filled the back tire with the second cartridge and kept heading down Conn. Ave. I made it to about Nebraska Ave. before the air shot out of the back tire again. I rode the rim from Connecticut and Nebraska all the way to Hains Point where my truck was parked. That 7 miles probably took me a good hour and a half to ride.

The 3rd time I've ever flatted was at Greenbelt yesterday. DOUBLE FLAT on lap 3, over and out. I watched the race from the sidelines and got to see Tim Rugg get yelled at by the ref. Pure entertainment!


  1. What'd Tim do this time? Attack? Oh, wait, that's nothing new...

  2. Second thought - there are like 9 bike shops between that intersection (Conn/Nev) and Hains point...

    I won't ask. I'm sure it was a good, tough workout.

  3. I figured someone would notice that. By the time I got the first flat it was about 9:00 pm. Most bike shops were definitely closed by then. I spent too much time at the end of the Goon ride messing around and completely let time get away from me. I wasn't expecting to flat either, let alone double flat.

  4. Correction, by the time I fixed the first flat, and MacGuyvered the second it was 9 pm.

  5. rugg did not even ride yesterday?

  6. Look - That ref was pissing on me... haha. End of story.

    I personally love the Lezyne mini pump that fits in my back pocket. Haven't caught up with the CO2 fad yet.

    The ponytail is never wrong.