Saturday, February 7, 2009

The "Dirty" Double

Today I attempted to do the 7 and 10 o'clock double ride.

Now before I continue let me just say that in my riding past the most I've ever ridden in a single day is, at best, 60 miles and this was by myself. No one was attacking hills or pushing the pace.
Also, I've only ever finished the 10 o'clock ride once with the front group and that was just last weekend.

So with that said, maybe undertaking the "double" so soon was a bit crazy. But to get to the point, did I do it? Yes and no. Technically I completed both rides and on the same day. That, I can be proud of. I can also be proud because this was the most miles I've ever ridden, since I've been on a bike or trainer or rollers. But, I am a little disappointed because I got dropped from the front group on the 10 o'clock ride going up Esworthy. I was eventually able to hook up with the second group so at least I didn't have to finish the ride alone. I wish I could say that my failure could be completely contributed to my lack of mental fortitude because that would be easier for me to correct, but it was not. I was completely in the zone mentally. All I had to do was talk myself into getting back on the bike to start the 10 o'clock and I knew I would be OK. But physically, my legs were toast. My mind had enough strength to hang on to that wheel in front of me, but my legs checked out of the game somewhere on Tuckerman. In that moment there was nothing I could do about it but get dropped and hope another group would come along to sweep me up.

But I am not deterred because I will accomplish my goal. I know somethings that I can work on to get better at doing both rides but if any of you other dirty double veterans have any pointers on completing them both with the front group, I'm all ears.


  1. Hey! Don't feel bad at least you got hte miles, it's really hard to do both specially yesterday with all the heavy hitters. I stayed with the front group all the way to the store where I end up with a flat. Let's keep doing it.

  2. I hadn't realized that was longer than you normally ride. If doing the doble is a goal, your body has too be used to the miles and the time it takes to complete. Don't worry about getting dropped on the second ride, that's a lot to expect when your not used too it. The guys who I see completing the double (in the front group) are all at least cat 2s. Build up your endurance, and know, that you have a natural quality that few newe riders posses - a killer sprint.