Sunday, February 1, 2009

One Goal Down

This past Saturday I was finally able to complete the 10 o'clock ride with the front group. I know it's not that big of a deal but it was definitely a big hurdle for me. Mentally more so than physically. The next challenge on the list before the season really gets going is the 7-10 double of course.


  1. Hey. I noticed you up there yesterday. Good job. I had exactly the same goal as I was trying to move up last year. It's a great measuring stick. If you can stay up there, you will do fine in races. Next step is to get off the front some. I totally agree with the 7am / 10am double too. Dave and I did that yesterday. If you do that, you will have put out as much effort as prety much any road race you will do around here. That's a quality group that you are in. I think there were only maybe 15 left yesterday. Keep up the good work! Bryan Vaughan (IMI / Artemis Elite)

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  3. You can do it, just make sure to eat a huge breakfast before the 7am. Use the time between to eat more. Your strong enough, just have realistic expectations of how much energy you can expend early on (like save some on the 7am) and if your still feeling good in the last half of the 10am start drilling it. At this point your going to be crushing the 4s and be upgrading to 3 in no time at all. With your sprinting ability, I wouldn't be shocked to see you get your 2 this year.