Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back in the saddle

After taking a week off for vacation visiting the in-laws in the Bahamas, I am now back home and "back in the saddle". During that week away, my legs turned to mush and now I'm in panic mode because as of a minute ago I decided to sign up for the Tour of Washington Co. I guess no matter what my fitness level is, I have a strong desire to feed my hunger for competition.

This will be my first stage race. I cannot time trial. I never really cared much for the race of truth. I much rather prefer a race of lies if it keeps me from embarrassing myself. But I will say that I'm excited to see the guys who are really good at time trialing throw down. I admire the amount of mental toughness and focus and high threshold for pain it actually takes to succeed in something like a time trial.

See all you guys this weekend.


  1. This is a strong man's stage race. Short RR, short TT, multi-time bonus crit....

    Glad you joined in for the throwdown. The competition will be really good at ToWC.

  2. The Crit is actually very hard. It is not one where you can just sit in also. Every year I have done the crit we drop like half the field. So I think it is just as hard as the tt mentally because you have to be constantly thinking push through it. THe hardest part of the crit is not the climb on the start finish, it is the false flat on the top part of the course. You will see what I mean.

    The road race if it is hot like last year we could see half the field getting dropped. Those little climbs get guys.

    And I look forward to somebody getting a 40 minute tt time.