Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thoroughly Thrashed....

...by Bike Rack. Those boys can climb! I decided, against better judgement, to take Rugg up on his offer to ride hills with them today instead of doing the Goon ride. I will say without a doubt that this ride did not disappoint. While the thrashing was taking place I must say I was really enjoying myself. It would've been so much harder to make myself hurt like that if I had of ridden by myself.
Seeing those guys do their thing was a serious reality check for me. I thought maybe if I threw in a little bit of hills the next couple weeks I could be competitive at Coppi and Lost River, but after seeing that gang attack those hills I might just be doing these hills so I can survive Coppi and Lost River. Anyway, I know where I'll be every Tuesday @ 6:15 pm when the weather is cooperating. I've just found my new favorite form of self-flagellation.


  1. training your weaknesses, eh? something tells me you are going to be a complete package racer before long...

  2. Where does this ride take place. I'd like to contribute to your suffering.

  3. well if we're all gonna gang up on DJ when he's training his weaknesses... count me in. i like hills.

    (but not when rugg's around)

  4. Well, since it's not my ride and I was technically a guest, I'm not at liberty to discuss the details of the ride. That would be like me being a guest in someone's home and then blogging about what they keep in their medicine cabinet.

  5. Well not only do you know what we have in the medicine cabinet - you probably have a good idea what it's like in the hurt locker.