Sunday, January 25, 2009

10 o'clock-o-rama

Yesterday I did the 10 o'clock ride for the second time ever. The first, I time I did it I got dropped from the first group as soon as we turned on River Rd. and ended up by myself not really knowing where to go. I missed the turn from River back on to Piney Meetinghouse and ended up making my own way back down to Beach Dr. This time I hung with the front group a little bit longer but still got popped off the back. Fortunately I didn't fall back by myself and was able to ride the rest of the route with a few other guys. My legs felt like jello. I don't know how some guys do the 7 o'clock ride and then do the 10. That's just crazy to me.
This 10 o'clock ride his hard for me because I have a hard time going uphill, and my endurance kind of sucks. Luckily for me a group ride like this exists so I can hopefully get better. My goal is to actually be able to complete the 10 o'clock ride with the main group. Then my second goal is to be able to do both 7 and 10 o'clock. Hopefully these goals can be achieved before the season starts.
Also, unrelated to biking, I went to the movies to see Slumdog Millionare and it was great. But was what even better was what I heard in the crowd before the movie started. You know those people that get to the movie late, that want to rearrange everyone so they can get their group of late people to sit together? Always asking you to move down one seat. Maybe you're one of them, but I really don't like those people. Well, the theater was pretty full and this lady came in with a group of three people. She went down the row asking if people didn't mind moving down one seat until she got to this one lady and the exchange went like this. "Excuse me, do you mind moving down one seat so we can sit together?" The other lady said, "Yes, I mind. I got here early because this is where I wanted to sit." I could've turned around and given that lady a high five. A victory for us early arrivers.

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  1. I did both rides yesterday and today I'm paying for it. After doing 60 miles on Friday I was done after the 7a but stupid me wanted to do the 10a I lasted until the store and that was it for me. It's really hard to do both if you aren't in shape like me.
    Jose N.