Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Beginning

Its a new year so I figured it's time for new things. I've been reading everyone else's blogs and always wanted to start my own, so I figured now is as good of a time as any. I didn't want to start it too early in the off-season because the only thing I could talk about are countless hours on the trainer, and since I don't train with a power meter or heart rate monitor, I figured that wouldn't be too interesting, although those things aren't interesting to me when I read them on other people's blogs either.

First a little about me. I'm 26, married,


a Mont. Co. Park Police Officer and this upcoming season will be my 3rd year racing and I'll be a cat 4 itching for an upgrade by mid-season if all goes according to plan.

Haines Point was my intro to cycling about 10 years ago. At the time I didn't have my own bike so I rode my dads 90's Marin Point Reyes, flat bar commuter, 3 sizes too big, complete with skinny knobbies and a pannier rack. I'd wear gym shorts and t-shirt, knowing I didn't fit in with the real riders but wanting to go fast so I made sure I hung on to the back of the group so no one would see me.

10 years later, after becoming a XC/track runner/javelin thrower in high school and college, I'm now back to biking. After completing my first season racing unattached, I knew for the second time around I wanted to join a team. Having done most of my training, if you can call it that, only on the Haines Point loop, I figured I would try and get on with NCVC first. No one ever got back to me when I sent an email to them through their website. Oh well, they're loss was my attitude. So I then tried to get on with Route 1. The racing season was getting ready to start again and then only thing I recieved back from them was some generic email stating I should come down to Haines Point. That's all, but I was thinking come to HP and do what. Oh well, great recruiting efforts. I found myself starting the Tradezone training races in '08 with no team. I didn't think it would really be that difficult to get on a team.

Fortunately, at Carl Dolan I was approached by Jerry, who races for Artemis. He told me about the team and introduced me to the right people and by the time I raced at Bike Jam I was in an Artemis jersey, albeit one that was one size too small, but an Artemis jersey nonetheless. My second season with the team is about to start and I'm looking forward to see how everything else is going to go.


  1. Thanks for posting the comment the other day; it's always good to hear from pro-cycling law enforcement. I believe I remember trying to recruit you at Reston TC in 2007 but my team never managed to get any set group rides going to bring you in to. Ah well, Racing Union has dissolved at this point anyway.

    Best of luck in your thrid season of racing and first season of blogging. Good to see another blogger in the mix!

  2. You still gonna race for artemis. and finally you started blogging.